Bain & Company M&A Report '22

Bain & Company's Global M&A Report 2022 highlights that the effort needed to close deals will continue to be quite demanding.

February 9, 2022

Bain & Company released their Global M&A Report 2022 this week. The excerpt below highlights that the demands of closing deals are unlikely to diminish going forward, which should place even greater impetus on leveraging technology liketo make M&A processes more efficient.

On the surface, the 2021 headline has to be “M&A is back.” And so it was, with the highest total deal value in history. Strategic M&A, including corporate acquisitions and portfolio company add-ons, saw its second-highest year on record in 2021, fueled by all-time high deal multiples. Meanwhile, financial investors, special purpose acquisition companies, and venture capital accounts saw even higher growth. Strategic buyers are seeing a growing diversity of deal types, with alternative deal models such as partnerships increasing. And 2021 brought a renewed focus on scale deals as the disruption from Covid-19 presented opportunities for strong competitors to retrench around market leadership.

All of this made M&A more demanding for executives and deal professionals.

Bain & Company M&A Report '22

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