The M&A Collaboration Platform for modern teams.

Save tens of hours per deal by eliminating manual work.
Use RevDeal for your next sell-side M&A process to:
  • Distribute teasers to dozens of potential buyers with a single click.

  • Negotiate and execute NDAs without exchanging email attachments.

  • Automatically send potential buyers deal materials upon NDA execution.

  • Distribute process letters and track buyer activity through IOI submission

  • Systematically collect feedback from buyers who decide to pass.

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Cut costs and boost productivity.

Our founders are deal professionals who got tired of using a patchwork of apps like Outlook and Word to run M&A deals.

So we created RevDeal, the first purpose-built M&A process automation platform that brings buyers and sellers together for a seamless experience.

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Purpose-built using leading-edge technologies.

Join our co-founder Doug Scherrer on a tour of the RevDeal platform to find out more.

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RevDeal was created by deal professionals for deal professionals. Having participated in hundreds of M&A processes throughout their careers, our team decided that there had to be a better, more efficient way to manage workflow during the teaser-to-IOI stage of a sell-side process. Teaser distribution, NDA mark-ups, buyer follow-up / tracking, and bid analysis / reporting all seemed like activities that were screaming for a software solution to save time and reduce human error.

Furthermore, if implemented using a “two-sided” platform, this technology could benefit both bankers and prospective buyers. RevDeal strives to eliminate wasted time and energy, so that bankers and buyers can spend their time on what really matters.

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