Bring your M&A process
into the 21st century

RevDeal is a Web-based platform that automates M&A workflow between investment banks and prospective buyers to reduce e-mail traffic, provide real-time insights into how a deal is progressing, diminish human error, and save time.
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Product Features

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Create and store buyer lists, compose custom e-mails, and distribute teasers to potential buyers – with automated follow-up.

  • Import a buyer list from your firm’s CRM, or manually input buyers.
  • Compose both “standard” and custom text for teaser e-mails.
  • Easily track which buyers have viewed the teaser, so bankers don’t have to remember to follow-up with unresponsive buyers.

Exchange NDA mark-ups without ever sending an e-mail, losing track of version control, or generating a PDF.

  • Exchange NDA mark-ups within RevDeal, rather than e-mailing documents back-and-forth.
  • Buyers can implement their standard NDA mark-up language with a single click.
  • Execute NDAs electronically.
  • Confidential Information Memo (CIM) can be instantly available once the NDA is executed.
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RevDeal’s real-time process dashboard and analytics eliminate time-intensive, manual, and error-prone analysis.

  • Buyer status is captured automatically within RevDeal without manual data entry.
  • Senior bankers and clients can be updated faster and more accurately with RevDeal’s one-click reporting.
  • Avoid the brain damage of having to sort through e-mails to figure out where a buyer is in the process
  • Easily send e-mails to buyers to check-in or "nudge" them along
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Save Time

Stop having Analysts and Associates work late into the night on mindless administrative tasks after a process launches.  Allow your team to work smarter, not harder, and focus their energy on higher-value work (or getting a bit more sleep).

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Increase Buyer Engagement

RevDeal brings efficiency to potential buyers as well, not just the bankers.  As a result, buyers can have more time to engage more substantively on your deals.

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Instant Visibility into the Process

Every action within the process can be captured “automatically” by RevDeal — no need for “manual” status updates — and reports for senior bankers or the client can be generated with the click of a button.  In addition, a banker can easily see if a given buyer has responded and follow-up with them through RevDeal if not.

Person with laptop showing security padlock.

Document and Information Security

Information Memos can be made available to a buyer immediately after they execute the NDA.  RevDeal offers a secure environment to share proprietary information with buyers, rather than allowing deal materials to float around among buyers, lenders, and advisors via e-mail — often representing literally hundreds (if not thousands) of people who have access to your client’s most sensitive information.

Cut costs and boost productivity.

Potential hours of productivity (or sleep) gain per deal managed with RevDeal.

Teasers Sent
50 100 150 200 250 300
NDAs Executed
10 18 27 35 43 52 60
20 28 37 45 53 62 70
30 38 47 55 63 72 80
40 48 57 65 73 82 90
50 58 67 75 83 92 100
60 68 77 85 93 102 110
70 78 87 95 103 112 120

About Us

RevDeal was created by deal professionals for deal professionals. Having participated in hundreds of M&A processes throughout their careers, our team decided that there had to be a better, more efficient way to manage workflow during the teaser-to-IOI stage of a sell-side process. Teaser distribution, NDA mark-ups, buyer follow-up / tracking, and bid analysis / reporting all seemed like activities that were screaming for a software solution to save time and reduce human error.

Furthermore, if implemented using a “two-sided” platform, this technology could benefit both bankers and prospective buyers. RevDeal strives to eliminate wasted time and energy, so that bankers and buyers can spend their time on what really matters.

RevDeal has partnered with FastFin, a boutique financial markets consultancy, to develop the platform.

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